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Do you have a wicked short story you want to share?
The Demon Sesto is open to all those who wish to have their stories printed on the site for public sharing. This site is dedicated to those who love imagination. Its free . . . so lets share it. So please, if you wish to take a story from this site and put it to yours, simply ask the authors permission. Thank you. You may submit your stories to me at the Guestbook

“These dreams tap the unwanted visions that coil through my mind. And in this unconscious state, I see him, this apparition that calls itself Sesto, watching my every nightmare in such enthusiasm. What is his business in these shady affairs? ” - Marcus

Words . . .
This section will have more content in awhile. I have still to write stories to fill this page. This site just opened 02-12-02, so there is still much to do. So bare with me. Thanks.
07-13-02, This story is talking a little longer than planned . . . I'm having a tough time balancing this with my school and job. But I have found time this weekend . . . so please bare with me! Thank you!